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how to use Instagram for business​

Instagram is a visual platform helping you to form a huge personal connection with customers. As a businessman, you can share pictures and videos of your team and happy customers to communicate with your customers. A visual feed can evoke your brand’s uniqueness too. Instagram; the latest social media platform helps you in many ways if you’re a business owner. In our opinion, every small business should consider using it in 2020 too. Most importantly, in this article we will discuss about how to use Instagram for business and how to increase Instagram followers easily

Does Instagram really help to grow the business?

For instance, when you use Instagram as a marketing tool, no need to worry. The reason is it’s easy to handle and it’s fast. You can involve in the competition while gaining the profits step by step. Create a business page now. You’ll be amazed with its advanced features. Success is the only option. So, be active on Instagram as a businessman.

Top Benefits of Instagram for Business owners

Every marketer wants to reach the benefits of Instagram for their businesses. With millions of active users, Instagram has come a long way for 10 years from 2010. Businesses have started to react more to this fast growing platform. If you see the top 100 brands in the world, 90% of them have an Instagram account.

In short, As proven by some of the top brands in the world, there are several specified methods to generate sales and more via Instagram. To clarify , Instagram is still a relatively new platform (when we compare to other social media sites), and new app updates are rolling out all the time. If you’re new to this platform, you may just be wondering where to start.


1. Purchasing Power

Firstly, did you know that over ⅓ of users on IG/Insta/Instagram have used the app to buy a product online? Always keep in mind this! As a businessman always deliver more than expected. No doubt! IG will help you immensely.
You may be trying to learn how to increase sales. It’s important to know that from your Instagram business page you can earn more money. You can reach your targeted audience by uplifting the followers too. Their next purchase on social media could be from your Instagram business page.
Do you know? 75% of Instagram active users take actions (For example, visiting your page) after looking at an Advertisement on Instagram. An Instagram advertising post (ad) is different from an organic post. An Instagram ad reaches more users if we pay more.

2. Advanced Targeting Options

Secondly, Ad platform on IG has access to the advanced social media advertising targeting options. IG has the same extensive retargeting capabilities as Facebook. In short, cold targeting means the people who have never heard of your brand / business before. Retargeting means targeting customers again who have already seen or heard of your business. For example, a businessman can create custom retargeting audiences based around Instagram posts, customer emails, video views and more. Having these options helps you to take your develop your business to the next level. So, Have faith. You can win!

3. Extra Features For Business Profiles

Thirdly, Like Facebook, IG differentiates account by personal pages and business pages.If you have a business account, you will unlock a world of characteristics to help promoting your business. These features include having a call to action button, the capability to promote your posts with ad dollars and access to insights.
It gives Instagram users a clear understanding that the page is owned by a business and isn’t a personal Instagram page.

4. Ability to Reach Untapped Customers

In addition, 50% of Instagrammers actively reach the business profiles every day, but your company won’t be one of them if you don’t create an IG account! So, ability to reach new customers is very very useful to the businesses.

5. Quality Brand Building

Finally,  if you want to increase the followers on Facebook,, that your business page is targeting, you have to pay for Facebook ads. In Instagram, you have the opportunity to build your Instagram followers organically. It allows for a very natural relationship to happen between your brand and your customers / followers.
Especially for newer businesses, quality brand building is a must. When a consumer follows your business on Instagram, you can continue to build the relationships from there.


Other benefits are;

   – Better Brand-Follower Relationships
   – Easy Coordination With Other Marketing Efforts
   – Understanding Your Customer Base
   – Visual Appeal

How to increase Instagram followers?

   – Post images, videos regularly
   – Promote
   – Use hashtags
   – Engage with the users
   – Advertise on Instagram
   – Conduct giveaways
   – Introduce low-cost products or services
   – buy real Instagram followers from trusted sources

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