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How to promoting your YouTube channel?​

Are you a dedicated YouTuber? Look! We are going to introduce some effective & smart ways of how to promoting your YouTube channel. This article will change your future. No problem whether you’re new to YouTube. Mastering it is a must for any YouTuber. You need to make the most of this fast-growing platform. Promoting the channel from the paid ways isn’t the only option. From a trusted source you can always buy real YouTube subscribers and real YouTube views. But here are some tricks for promoting your YouTube channel easily. These tips are simple, effective and free.


1. Choose Google-friendly keywords


Firstly, Great YouTube channels start with great SEO. Great SEO starts with the understanding of what users are searching for.
Most of the people use Google to reach YouTube too. There’s no stable rule for which keywords will help your video rank well. How to find a Google-friendly keyword for videos:
 – Identify suitable keywords with a tool(e.g.: Google Ads Keyword Planner)
 – Scan the SERP for each keyword
 – Tweak your keyword and try again. Add words like “How to” or “Tutorial”
 – Choose keywords that prioritize video and your content

2. Use descriptive titles

Secondly, Titles are the first thing users see when they reach your content.

 – Keep it short and sweet.
 – Include your keyword(s) In the first half of the title include the keywords
 – Engaging doesn’t mean clickbait.

YouTube’s autocomplete feature is one of the great ways to find popular keywords. Search for a particular topic or theme, and see what topic it suggests.


3. Optimize your descriptions


 – Front-load your keywords
 – Stick to the 5000-characters limit
 – Create a “contents page”
 – Add links to relevant playlists
 – Include a few relevant hashtags.
You should mention keywords in the video itself. Use some keywords during a brief intro for good results.


4. Don’t forget about metadata


Metadata guidelines emphasize 2 things when using the keywords:
 – Choose quality over quantity
 – Be honest
Include tags in the “tags session” of your upload not in the video description. Add one or two categories to help YouTube identify whom reach your video to.

5. Create high-quality videos


Poor quality of videos can’t offer the best contents. So, make sure the content looks professional before posting it. Get a decent camera, do a sound checking and learn some basic skills of editing.

6. Interact with your fans

The most successful YouTubers monitor and interact with their fans continuously. They communicate directly with the viewers too. Responding to viewers’ positive or negative comments is valuable to increase YouTube watch time, subscribers, likes and shares. Post response videos. Follow analytics to identify your top fans and show them extra love.

7. Try a Q&A


Trying Q&A sessions are one of the most effective ways to build huge community. Ask your subscribers to write you some questions by comments, email, or tweet. Then make a video to address them or reply them.

8. Run contests


Contests are a great way to make your audience happy. With a video, you can increase viewer data, likes or comments, and gain subscribers.
 – Start with a clear goal
 – Respect contest rules and restrictions
 – Select a prize that the viewers will actually enjoy
 – Maximize your audience with other social channels


9. Work with brands


Brand partnerships are a good way to boost your reach. They can help you coming up with newest contents when you’re stuck for new ideas. Be authentic with them. Choose brands that develop your personality and your audience’s needs.
Using above techniques, you can easily be promoting your YouTube channel. Good luck for your YouTube efforts!

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