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How To Improve Google Website Ranking​

2020! The best is yet to arrive in 2020. Keep calm! You can improve google website ranking. No problem whether it is new or old. Read the article and get to know the simple steps to improve google website ranking. What’s the difference between an unremarkable, thin, no value added ecommerce site and a high/top ranked site?

In some industries the difference is the site age. Many sites that were created around few years ago had fewer competitors. That’s why it was easier for them to rank. As they aged they got trusted more and more; and some of the top rankings lead to many self-reinforcing links.

If your site is brand new and you want to become successful, then you need to be expertiser at public relations(PR), have a good brand strategy, or have the remarkable features that make people urge to talk about you.

If there’s no conversation and links, it is hard to rank the sites. The simplest way is buying an old site that isn’t well – maintained and then create it again. If you are trying to improve google website ranking, you need not to attack directly, but to attack indirectly. Here are 8 methods to help you to rank your website quickly.


1). Using the less popular type of a keyword.


If most of the competitors target Los Angeles taxis, nobody targets Los Angeles taxis, then it is going to be convenient to rank for that alternative version. Even if the alternate version only gets 10% or 15% the search times of the related keyword, you are still going to drive in more traffic by ranking #1 for it than you will rank #25 for the most popular version of the keyword.


2). Using many keyword modifiers.

Try to add some keyword modifiers to page titles. Is debit cards too hard of a keyword? Then think targeting a phrase like best debit cards.


3). Mixing up your on page optimization.

Rather than inserting own keyword phrase all over the page, think mixing up how to use it. If the page topic contains best debit cards, consider using something like compare top debit card offers in the on page H1 heading. Notice the difference between plural and singular types of the keywords. If you want to rank your website quickly, it’ll be so advantageous.


4). Going deeper than the competition is going.


In some areas you have been lucky enough to see niche low volume keyword topics that bring in a couple searchers every day. The maintenance of that content may be easier. Don’t follow old techniques and be updated on new trends to rank your website quickly.


5). Moving away from the commercial keywords.


If you create your website with a small basket of well – known commercial keywords, it is difficult to compete with reputed competitors. Inbound links increase your domain authority. Some pages are good at creating inbound citations.


6). Buying traffic.


If you can build super-quality niche content and it can improve google website ranking as you need to actively market it. Another option for getting relevant traffic instantly to featured content is buying targeted ads. You can also buy pay per click traffic for your contents. If you are trying to promote a non-commercial topic, you can often get visitors from search and Ad Sense ads.


7) Writing long-form content.


There is a relation between a 2000 + words content and high rankings. Choose the titles that are relevant to your target audience. After that create in-depth blog posts which cover every angle of the subject. Several researches have shown that you should have at least 1100+ words on the page to rank your website quickly in the top 10 pages of Google.


8). Using a .com domain if possible.


Many top-ranking pages use “.com” as the top-level domain (TLD). So, it’s worth to use .com as your website domain to boost your website rankings. The domain is opened for general purposes; so it’s better to use that domain to improve google website ranking.

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