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How to earn money from a blog​?

Hey! You should start a blog in 2020. We say it because you are capable of creating your own website. Yes! You can boost the website ranking and earn real money. It’s better to know how to drive traffic to the website, how to rank your website and How to earn money from a blog. In this article, we would like to inform How to earn money from a blog. Why do many new blogs fail? One of the reasons to the above question is the lack of producing engaging, outstanding contents.

Will blogging make you rich in next years?

In the ancient times, blogging was just a kind of hobby which people did in addition to their regular jobs. In 2020, it has become one of the profitable methods to earn money. This is actually a profitable online profession. Get into this noble profession. Yes! You can.

Making money & blogging

First of all, you need enough knowledge, dedication, patience and so on to build traffic. Then you can be a nice little money earner. How to start a blog? There are free blogging platforms that can be set up easily. At first, it’s worth to start your journey with a free blogging platform. They are free and you can learn basic things from them before earning money from an advanced blog. With the experience you got from free blogging platforms, you can create your own website. As a dedicated blogger, you can customize your blog to attract the audience(drive traffic) and finally you’ll be able to earn money from the blog. Firstly, you’ll have to pay for the blog’s domain name. Create unique branding from the blog. You can! Don’t be upset with a lower audience. Just try!

Easy ways to earn money from the blog site.

1)Use Affiliate marketing on the blog

Definition of Affiliate Marketing:
In simply it’s a sharing task between two businesses. e.g.: If you own a company with products(business 1) and you pay your affiliate marketer(business 2) for sending you customers. When a successful transaction occurs affiliate marketer is paid. It’s called “commission”.
As a blogger, you’ll use your blog to recommend products and services to the visitors. A lot of companies have introduced relevant programs to reach their services and products through affiliate links. When you insert their links, you can earn more money than you think.

2)Add banner adverts

Introduce a banner advertising space on own blog. It’s a more visual way of advertising. Attractive advertisements can be put on the top or in the sidebar of the blog page. You: the blogger can earn income/money from CPC(Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Mile/Thousand).


3)Write advertorials/sponsored contents

According to the famous bloggers, blogging is one of the best ways to earn money more and more. Through offering sponsored contents or advertorials, you can earn money from a blog. As well, when you add some affiliate links for advertising you can earn money. Those links should be highlighted in the blog page. Try to have a strong niche audience. If you have a big crowd, brands will seek help from your blog site. It’s a good monetization method today and the days to come.


4)Work with an agency

To build your blog site aiming to earn money, you can get the help of agencies such as digital marketing agencies. Working with them would be super lucrative and they’ll help you to ensure the safety of the blog site.


5)Charge for social media posts

If anyone seeks help to promote their products or services from your blog site, you can earn money from helping to sponsor them. Create a strong social media presence and you can easily earn money from the blog site. You can ask for the payments for per-post or re-post.


6)Sell digital products on the blog.

You can sell whatever you have-skills, advice etc. Another option to gain an income is offering access to buy eBooks, courses, video tutorials, workshops etc.
The content of the blog should be unique and you must sell them for affordable prices. The buyers will attract to gain benefits from your blog site.

Challenges when earning money from the blog site

Within few days you can’t gain what you’ve expected from creating a blog site. It takes time to drive traffic to the website. You should be creative, innovative and able to increase the rankings as a blogger. You should have proper dedication and patience.

One of the big challenges is competition. There are so many blogs and bloggers. This is the 21st century and the world is digitalised. So, you should be updated and need to boost your website traffic. Step by step, you can earn more money from the blog site.

Can we really make money from the blog sites?

The answer is “Yes”. But the amount of money you can make is variable. By the passage of time, the bloggers can earn money. A decent income will be yours! Start blogging! 2020 is the best year to create your own blog site.

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