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Organic Website Traffic vs Fake Website Traffic​

It’s worth to know more about Organic Website Traffic & Fake Traffic. Hoping to start a journey with your own website? Congratulations! This article will be guide you to achieve success.

Organic traffic refers to the comers that arrive to your website as a result of unpaid (or “organic”) search results. The opposite of paid traffic can be mentioned as organic traffic which is not generated by paid ads or other methods to bring site visitors.
In short, site visitors that come through organic Website traffic find their way to your website after using a search engine. It means they are not referred to your website by any other website or as a result of advertising, making arrival on your webpage untouched by outside forces.
Organic Website traffic is most commonly experienced by more businesses like large-scale businesses. They have many customers with good reputation.
Newest businesses with a smaller audience that are still working to boost their customer base usually need to depend on ads and other paid activities to drive traffic before using organic website traffic.

Why is Organic Website Traffic Important?

real organic keyword targeted web traffic is important because of few key reasons. You can be sure that organic traffic is arriving from actual humans. It means that the visitors going through your site are actual human beings: Some customers may be looking for a product or service in the website.
With paid traffic, there is a huge risk of getting visits from other sources like automated machines and bots. Normally, in PPC (pay-per-click advertising), many businesses use software to increase clicks. It’s not human traffic. Then, you need to increase organic Website traffic in your site with the help of  SEO practices.
Furthermore, real organic keyword targeted web traffic leads to more permanent rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). When you depend on paid traffic, the amount of visitors will disappear slowly but surely, if a change in the consistency of your promotions and advertisements happens. However, if you rank your website with natural and organic techniques, your popularity can grow continuously and the high rank in search engines will not be easily defeated by another business.

Fake Traffic

Fake traffic is traffic generated not by humans. By click farms, bots or software fake traffic is generated.. Fake traffic is used for making a site’s audience appear greater than it is in reality. A marvelous amount of ads are served to fraudulent visitors.
If the advertising networks identify a fake traffic in a website, it will result in suspensions or even bans; once violations are uncovered.

How can you identify fake traffic?

 Google Analytics is a great place to identify.  
•    Bounce Rate: the percentage of single-page sessions. If the rate is extremely high or extremely low; it may due to fake traffic.
•    Average Session Duration: Some website users stay on site for several minutes. Some visits via Facebook or Instagram may only last about 1 minute. Anything below it is a possible hint of bots masked as human users.
•    Pages/Session: Normally, some visitors will read 4-5 pages per session, when others will only read few. When the average is at or near one, it’s  abnormal.
•    New Sessions: An unusually high number of brand new sessions is just that: Unusual.
•    Geos: Are the users’ language, country and city consistent with the website’s content? visitors from non-English speaking countries can be a sign of suspect traffic.

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Organic Traffic vs Fake website Traffic

The major difference between organic traffic and paid traffic: real organic keyword targeted web traffic is free. But, we’ve to pay for Paid traffic.
“Don’t buy paid fake website traffic”

One of the accurate ways to check weather organic traffic is real or fake, you can use Google search console, why? It’s not general analytics like Google analytics that track something when someone come in your website (spam bot) or using HTTP headers(Which is easy to spoof).

People who are selling fake traffic never call it fake traffic. Definitely, but there are a lot of low-cost traffic generators. Those deals sound so good: to be true, and they are. Some traffic generators are so sophisticated. Seems unbelievable? But, it’s true.

Number of sponsored networks, PR firms and even social media influences help to bring a lot number of visitors for a website. But, if you don’t have an idea on who’s reaching your site, it’s better to stop paying for paid traffic.

If you have a need to buy organic traffic, prepare to pay accordingly. From Facebook and Instagram posts or with verified social media influences, try to promote your website.

Another kind of difference between organic and paid traffic is that once you stop the paid ads to your website will drop the rankings. But, with organic traffic you can achieve high rankings.

The process of marketing your website (organically or through paid ads), is called search engine marketing. Good luck for your endeavors and your website!

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