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Many publishers look for buy website traffic for business as a way to boost their targeted numbers. Paid traffic can be risky particularly for websites that make money through displaying ads. Understanding what traffic is safe, what is risky and how to boost website traffic numbers safely can be tricky. The article will guide you through the process and help you avoid some of the pitfalls.


What is Paid Traffic?

The two words ‘paid traffic’ refer to any website traffic generated as a result of payment for advertisement. Many technology platforms now offer paid traffic services( e.g.: Google Ads, sponsored Instagram posts). The process “paid traffic” has negative feedbacks in some processes, but is not extremely bad. In fact, top tier publishers often buy additional traffic to boost audience numbers when they organise valuable campaigns running.

Examples for paid traffic:

 – Display ads: such as videos, banners and pop-ups.
 – Paid search: pay-per-click processes and product listing advertisements.
 – Social media ads: sponsored Instagram posts, promoted Tweets and promoted Facebook posts.
 – Content recommendation ads: in-feed ad procedures and recommendation widgets.

What are the benefits of buy website traffic for business?

The main use of paid traffic is reaching out new users who wouldn’t know of your website’s content. It can then result in reaching a larger audience with many more returning users. Paid traffic can tend to offer super quick results than long-term strategies. They are aimed at gaining more organic traffic, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As well, paid traffic is generally more predictable, effective and more controllable. It allows publishers to dial up traffic when it match them and to ensure that traffic meets their specific goals in terms of user profile, intent, interests and landing page.

A word of caution about arbitrage

Buying website traffic can generate part of a lot of publisher strategies. Many of them are not inherently problematic. Here! But one is associated with some particular risks. Ad arbitrage is when a publisher buys user visits with the aim of creating more revenue in that process than the cost of a click. This is frequently done by buying low-cost traffic from content recommendation networks.
It can lead to several problems around user experience, user deception and failing to ad value. It rarely aligns with what advertisers observe as quality inventory so it can lead to publishers being removed from any network.

What are the risks of buying website traffic?

The major risk to a publisher when buying traffic is not meeting some policy requirements of the ads that are running on site. It can lead to deductions and account termination.
Invalid traffic can be seen as one of the most serious problems in ad monetization. If you are hoping to buy website traffic for business, here you need to be confident that it is policy safe.

So, is it worth buy website traffic for business?

Definitely, the answer to the above question depends on the quality of traffic, the cost and resources you have to monitor the newly updated traffic to certify that it is genuine.
We see nothing if you buy website traffic, as long as it is in high quality. We recommend to go through the traffic provider checklist and take time to achieve a thorough understanding of who will be visiting your site.

buy website traffic for business

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